E-Book Consumers want Longer Battery Life, Internet Connectivity and Email.

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‘The electronic book (e-book) segment, having firmly established itself in the US market, has plenty of room for growth that will be bolstered by new features such as e-mail and Web connectivity, reports In-Stat (http://email.in-stat.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/hBTxf0JN6xs0K560DHgc0Em). An e-book is a handheld consumer electronics (CE) device capable of accessing and storing a wide array of digitized books for portable use. Examples are the Amazon Kindle DX and the recently introduced Sony E-Reader Daily Edition.

According to In-Stat’s most recent consumer survey, current e-book owners desire email capability in the next e-book they purchase. Longer battery life and Internet connectivity are the top two desired features among respondents who don’t currently own an e-book but plan to buy one in the next year.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Amazon is the leading brand of e-book owned.
  • The largest percentage of e-book owners (45.5%) is spending between $9 and $20 a month on e-book content.
  • Eleven percent of total survey respondents said they planned to purchase an e-book over the next 12 months.

The research, “Electronic Book Survey: US Consumers’ Attitudes and Behaviors Towards the Burgeoning E-Book Market” (#IN0904571ID), covers the US market for e-books with results from a US consumer survey. It includes:

  • Examination of consumer attitudes towards e-books.
  • Preferences of current and potential users.
  • Data on how much consumers are willing to spend on e-book devices.
  • Habits of current e-book users including monthly spending estimates.

For a free sample of the report and more information, please contact a sales representative:

To purchase it online, please visit: http://email.in-stat.com/cgi-bin4/DM/y/hBTxf0JN6xs0K560FTGA0Eu

The price is $1,495 (US).’



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